Scenic Drive through Mammoth Cave – January 9, 2013


view from the porchWe took a drive thru Mammoth Cave National Park a few days ago at early afternoon and seen our limit on deer. The cold weather is motivating the deer to search for food. We were in the park late afternoon and the deer were along the roads feeding. I took a scouting walk at Nolin River Getaway woods and the deer trails were very obvious. What a beautiful time to be out! Visability is as far as it is going to get for another year. So do not miss out- get in the woods and see what and where the deer are traveling. I have also seen a few coyotes and need to put in a little time calling for them. I have a rabbit in distress call. ‘Course you all might of heard of the fella calling for turkey and had a fight with a coyote. So… I will watch my back!